Our Story

In March of 2016, a proposal was presented to the South Huron Hospital Foundation, suggesting the construction of a hospice for South Huron. The rationale behind this proposal was a lack of appropriate support and resources for end-of-life care in South Huron and its surrounding areas. The hospice project, named Jessica's House, was born out of a deep sense of loss within our community, following the passing of a beloved young member, Jessica Hamather. After careful consideration, the South Huron Hospital Foundation resolved to support the need for a local hospice. With the enthusiastic backing of a volunteer-led steering committee, the Jessica's House Hospice campaign was officially launched, eventually raising $3.4 million. This successful campaign culminated in the official opening of Jessica's House Hospice on June 18, 2018.

Initially, the South Huron Hospital Foundation served as our governing body for Jessica's House Hospice, while the hospice maintained its Operating Committee and Executive Staff. The initial plan was for the Foundation to remain connected with Jessica's House for at least two years of operation, or until the hospice could demonstrate financial self-sustainability. Thanks to partial funding from the Ministry and unwavering community support, Jessica's House Hospice continued to prosper. As a result, in the spring of 2022, the South Huron Hospital Foundation and Jessica's House Hospice decided to become two separate and distinct entities, while remaining community partners. This decision marked the establishment of an independent governing body for Jessica's House Hospice. While the two organizations are now separate, they still share a profound community bond and are equally dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of our community.

Jessica's House Hospice is grateful for the immense support that the community has shown since the beginning discussions of bringing the hospice to the community. The ongoing donations have enabled us to maintain the highest level of care and grow more services through education, grief support, and hospice care awareness in the community and surrounding areas. We appreciate your continued support in bringing our dream of Jessica's House Hospice to life and nurturing its growth with passion. We are proud members of the Huron Perth and Area Ontario Health Team. In addition, we work alongside Hospice Palliative Care Ontario to continue bringing high level of care to the area. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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Jessica Hamather

Our Namesake

Jessica Marie Hamather was born April 26, 1993. She was the first born child of Tim and Maria Hamather. Jessica was an inquistive, energetic, loveable child with an early innate sense of right and wrong. She was an extremely altruistic person and had a deep love and respect for all living things. She volunteered countless hours at various vet clinics and animal protection agencies. She grew into an athletic teen and excelled in ringette, swimming and running, as well as countless other sports. Jessica worked as a respected lifeguard in her community for numerous summers and coached TimBits soccer. She was also a woman who always strived for her best. She loved reading and playing the piano. Jessica graduated with distinction from the University of Guelph receiving a Bachelor of Science Honours degree 2015. She planned on continuing her studies in veterinary medicine. Jessica was beautiful inside and out; however, the most beautiful thing about her was her caring heart. Jessica’s light shone bright in her community and although she is no longer with us physically, her light continues to shine.

Jessica passed away Dec 1, 2015 from a rare aggressive cancer.

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