Tribute Tree Memorial

Welcome to our Tribute Tree Memorial Event Page

Join us for a cherished tradition at Jessica’s House Hospice—our annual Tribute Tree memorial event, a heartfelt gathering that has been a beacon of comfort since our doors first opened. This special occasion marks the beginning of the holiday season, inviting the community and its surroundings to come together in remembrance.

What to Expect:

Immerse yourself in a safe space designed for sharing memories of loved ones who have passed on. The event is adorned with live music and touching messages, creating a poignant moment to honor those who will be missed during the holiday season.

Public Participation:

Be part of our community as we gather in Jessica’s House Hospice's backyard for the enchanting lighting of the lights. Fill out a tribute tag to adorn the tree, a heartfelt gesture in memory of your loved ones. You don't need to donate or have a connection with Jessica’s House Hospice—this event is open to everyone, ensuring inclusivity and shared moments of remembrance.

Extended Memorial:

Can't make it on the event day? No worries! Between the event date and January 1st, visit Jessica’s House Hospice to fill out a tribute tag. The trees, adorned with these heartfelt tags, will be displayed in the hospice for all to see. Additionally, a touching slideshow featuring the names on the tags will be showcased on the living room and front entrance televisions.

Save the Date:

Mark your calendar for Sunday, November 17, 2024! Join us for warm drinks, warm hearts, and the beginning of the holiday season. Let’s come together to create meaningful memories and celebrate the lives that have touched ours.

Stay Connected:

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